The option to add paid webinars is available for webinars created after February 14, 2018. For on demand webinars, it’s available for webinars created after November 3, 2018.

With WebinarGeek it’s very simple to organize paid webinar sessions. Request a payment from viewers to participate in a webinar and directly earn money with your valuable knowledge.

To set up payments, the first step is to connect a Mollie account to your WebinarGeek account. Click here to activate paid webinars in your account.

Enabling payments

Click on your webinar > "Edit webinar" > "Registration" > "Payments".

After you have activated your Mollie account with WebinarGeek you can organize a paid webinar.

Activate "Payments" by clicking on the switch.

Enter a price

Choose a price between the values 1 and 1000, which participants would need to pay to attend the webinar.

Add contact details

The contact details are required for after-sales questions from participants about the payment. Adding an email is mandatory, phone numbers are optional. These contact details will be displayed during the payment process.

Click here for more information about setting up a paid webinar.

Preventing double logins

Click on your webinar > "Edit webinar" > "Registration" > "Payments".

When you let your viewers pay for your webinar, you’d want to prevent multiple people from watching with a single registration link. This option will be turned on by default, check the box to turn it off.

The first person that opened the unique link will be able to join the webinar. When multiple people want to view with a single link, an error message will be displayed.

This means only one person at a time can use a unique watch link. If a viewer would like to watch the rest of the webinar on another device, this is possible.

However, the screen for the current webinar should be closed before this is allowed. It can take several minutes before the same link can be used on another device.

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