By embedding your channel, visitors of your website/blog will directly get an overview of all your webinars, without having to leave your website/blog.

The only thing you’ll need to do is copy and paste a piece of HTML-code on your website/blog!

Embed code

After you’ve published your channel, you have the ability to embed it. Click on “Channel” in the main menu and choose “Embed”.

A pop-up with some HTML-code will appear. This code can be placed on your website/blog. You can put it in a location where you’d like to show the embed.

If you’re working with a CMS-system or a blog like Wordpress, remember to put the piece of code in the "source" of your page, so don’t paste it as plain text. In some CMS systems it’s not possible to place Javascript code, you might need to ask for help from your website builder for this.

Advanced changes

You have the option to do some extra adaptations to the embed with CSS and Javascript, such as changes to the positioning, dimensions and layout. The embed is located in a div with the name "geek-channels-frame-holder".

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