A channel is a page where your target audience can find a list of all your webinars. It’s a way to give your audience a good overview of what you have to offer. They have the option to register for webinars and webinar updates.

Add channel leads on email list

Automatically add your channel leads on your mailing list. After creating a connection with one of the available marketing tools, you can set a trigger.

This can be done in your account. In the top right, choose ‘Account’ > “Integrations”.

Next, click on the connected integration you’d like to add a trigger for and choose “Add new trigger”.

Select “New channel lead”, choose the desired action and add the trigger.

Excluding webinars

We can image you’d like to exclude certain webinars from your channel. All webinars will be automatically added when creating the channel. Below, you’ll learn how to exclude an individual webinar from the channel

Existing webinar

Click on the webinar and go to the webinar editor environment. Under “Registration” > “Advanced” you have the option to exclude the webinar from the channel.

New webinar

As soon as the channel is activated, you have the option to add new webinars to the channel when creating them. Click on the switch when you want to exclude a webinar from the channel.

Channel updates

You have the ability to allow visitors to subscribe to channel updates, in order to generate a list of your channel leads.

At the top of the main menu, choose "Channel" and next, click on the switch at “Create a list of webinar leads” to allow or disallow this feature.

You can retrieve your channel leads in the “Statistics” of the channel.

Send out an update email

As soon as you’d like to publish a new webinar, you have the option to send out an update to the channel leads. Click the checkmark to send out an update email.

Click on “Preview email” to see a preview of the email. The email will be sent using the ‘from’ account noreply@webinargeek.com.

Please note: This is only possible during the publication process of the new webinar.

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