A co-presenter can do everything the main presenter can do except starting and stopping the webinar and determine which presenter will be visible. Only the main presenter can perform these actions

The co-presenter is always able to manage the chat and start interactions. The slides can be controlled by the co-presenter as soon as the live webinar started. The co-presenter can also do this when he/she isn’t visible to the viewers at that moment. The co-presenter can also share screen and start video injections.

During the live (test) webinar, you can chat with the other presenter using the "Presenter chat", this chat can be found underneath the public chat. This chat will only be visible for the presenters and moderators of the webinar. Viewers can’t see this private chatroom.

The co-presenter and main presenter will see a blue bar at the bottom near the videos and above the person that’s currently on screen for the viewers.

The viewing experience

The viewer will always see one presenter but can hear all presenters. One presenter will be visible at any given moment, either the main presenter or co-presenter.

The presentation works just like a live webinar without a co-presenter. They can choose to present side-by-side or only show the presentation slides.

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