By failing to prepare, you prepare to fail. That’s why it’s essential to test a webinar well beforehand.

The test is meant to check all technical and functional features of the webinar, so everything will run smoothly when the audience is there to witness the presentation. You’ll be able to start the real webinar will confidence.

One of the nice things about testing, is the ability to test as often as you’d like!

Note! The test webinar is a snapshot, no recording will be made for your test webinar. If you’d like to see the recording, create a real live webinar as a test.

Test your webinar

The dry-run can be opened at any given moment from the webinar dashboard by clicking on "Test the webinar".

You’ll end up in the test webinar room where you can test video, audio, interactions, slides and more. You still aren’t "live", this happens after clicking on "Start test webinar".

If you want to start your live webinar more than 5 minutes before the scheduled time, you will see a pop-up with the message below. You can choose to go ahead and start the live webinar, but keep in mind that your viewers can not enter the live environment longer than 5 minutes before the webinar. If you only want to do a test you can start a test webinar instead.

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