You can start the test at any time from the webinar dashboard by clicking on "Dry run".

When starting the test webinar for the first time, your browser will ask for permission to use your camera and microphone.

Choose "Allow" and your camera should immediately appear and start working.

You will get a notification about the sound levels.

These will either work correctly, or the sound levels will be too low. If this is the case, instructions with how to solve the problem will be provided.

You can see if the audio works by checking the "microphone indicator", which should show some movement when talking into the mic.

Please note: this doesn’t mean the quality of the sound can be detected or measured.

If you’d like to turn off your microphone during the webinar, click on the microphone icon. This will turn red. The test viewers won’t be able to hear anything anymore.

Camera and microphone settings

Before starting the live test webinar, you have the option to change the camera and microphone settings.

Below the video on your right hand side, choose "Settings". This is where you can select a different type of camera and microphone.

And you can change the video quality of the webinar here, even though we recommend to not choose a higher setting than the recommended one.

You can test the video and audio by viewing the webinar as an attendee yourself or by inviting an extra tester

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