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Hubspot is a popular system for inbound marketing and sales, an important part of the Hubspot tools is the CRM system, where you can manage your products and interactions between your company and customers. WebinarGeek offers an integration with Hubspot that allows you to easily track registrations in Hubspot CRM.

How an integration works

For every webinar WebinarGeek creates a "Hubspot Form", a custom form within Hubspot where registration data of the webinar is tracked. Next, for every registration subscriber data will be stored as a form within the system. Using this data you can easily make analyses (for each webinar) and view the webinar activities, as well as follow each contact within the CRM system. This happens on the basis of emails. How you can best use these forms and data for your analysis and measurements, can best be informed about with Hubspot support.

Configure an integration

The integration can be enabled in your WebinarGeek account menu, using the heading "Integrations". Here, you can click on "Hubspot".

Next, follow the steps below:

  1. You need your Hubspot API key, a HAPI key. How you can find this is explained here.
  2. Enter your Hubspot API key, in the WebinarGeek field and click on "Connect" to establish a connection.
  3. When the connection is successful, this will be confirmed on screen.

When the connection is set up correctly, ypu can add 'triggers'. Click on the button to add a new 'trigger' and do the following:

  1. Choose "Webinar registration" as your trigger, we want something to happen as soon as someone registers for one of your webinars.
  2. Choose "Fill in custom form" as an action, we want a custom form to be filled in after each individual registration.
  3. Add the trigger.
  4. Now, for each webinar (after the first registration) a form will be created with the data and you can start tracking!

Exchanged information

The following information will be filled in on the form within the Hubspot forms system:

  • Email address
  • Firstname
  • Lastname
  • Webinar (webinar title)
  • Webinar date (date and time of the webinar)
  • Registration date (date and time of the registration)

Also, the following contextual information will be used:

  • ipAddress (IP address registration)
  • pageUrl (URL registration page)
  • pageName (title of the registration page)


After there’s a working connection with Hubspot you can start creating your triggers!

You can create a trigger on account level or for each individual webinar.

Hubspot has only one trigger:

  • New registration:
    This trigger is available for each webinar type and source of registration. This trigger will be executed as soon as someone registers for your webinar.

After selecting a trigger, you can set an action, Hubspot has the following options:

  • Fill in a custom form:
    A "custom form" will be filled in for a new webinar.
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