Emails that are sent from WebinarGeek will use the WebinarGeek sender email by default. But obviously, you’d prefer to use your own email using your own domain name. In this article we’ll explain how to configure this.

Add email address

The first step is adding your own email. In the top right, click on "Account" > "My account" > "Email sender" under "Advanced".

Here, you can add your own email under "Add sender".

Remember you can only use an email from a verified domain name, because you need to verify domain ownership in the next step.

When adding an email with a domain name that is unknown within WebinarGeek (email uses the domain name, this domain will be added to the overview of "Domains" with the status "Unverified".

You can add multiple emails for the same (verified) domain name, you only need to verify a domain name once.

Verify domain name

To be able to send an email using your own email address/domain name you need to verify ownership of the domain name. This will ensure your emails won’t be marked as "spam" for the people that receive the email.

To do this, add some information in the "DNS zone" of the domain name. This can normally be done at or by the (hosting) company where you registered your domain.

The DNS instruction can be found by clicking on the domain name at "Domains" and choosing "DKIM Records" and/or "SPF Records":

In your account you’ll see if you need to add one or two records. The DKIM- and/or the SPF-record.

Both records indicate what the DNS record name should be, what type it is ("TXT") and what the value should be ("content").

Enter these records separately with your provider, or pass both on to the personal that is able to make the change for you.

Please note: It differs for each provider how to add this information. You can contact your provider if (after correctly adding the data) you didn’t manage to verify correctly. It can take anywhere between 10 minutes and 4 hours before a domain name is verified.

Await verification

When the DNS zone records have been added, it can take a while before WebinarGeek is able to detect the change. This is mainly because DNS uses memory that’s only being refreshed once in a while.

You can refresh the page every once in a while to see the status, or click on the "Verify domain name" button to retrieve the most recent status.

It can take anywhere between 10 minutes to 4 hours before the domain name is verified.

Also make sure the DKIM- and the SPF-record are verified, do this by click on your domain name at "Domains":

Use email address

When you verified your domain name, you can use email address(es) as the sender of the emails sent from WebinarGeek.

When creating or editing your webinar you can configure the sender under "Emails" for each individual email.

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