The first step is connecting your Mollie account to your WebinarGeek account.

Already have a Mollie account? Log in here and connect Mollie to your WebinarGeek account.

Don’t have a Mollie account yet? Click here to create your own Mollie account.

Want to learn about the online payment platform Mollie? Read more here!

Alternatively, you can read the article: How to sign up for Mollie?

Connect your Mollie account

In WebinarGeek, go to ‘My account’ and click on ‘Activate account’ under the section called 'PAID WEBINARS'.

Your Mollie account is now connected to your WebinarGeek account.

Please note! Only enable a payment method on your payment profile in Mollie. Do this in your Mollie account at Settings > Payment methods. You can activate all available payment methods, such as iDeal, Bancontact and credit card.

Create a website profile

The next step is the creation of a website profile.

Creating a website profile can be done at "Settings" in your Mollie account.

Click here to log in to your Mollie account and create your profile for the paid webinars using WebinarGeek.

For "Website", add a link of a registration page of a published webinar. Give a brief description of your webinar content and fill out the contact details as accurately as possible.

PLEASE NOTE: Your contact details should also be available on your registration page for verification purposes.

Receive payments for webinars

As soon as your website profile and your Mollie account profile are complete, it will be possible to receive payments for your webinars.

Receive payments from Mollie

After your website profile was approved during the website check by Mollie, you can start getting payments from Mollie. You will actually get the money on your bank account now.

As long as you’re not yet approved with Mollie with regards to your website profile, they will hold the money for you until you’re approved.

Here you can learn what to do when your website profile has been denied by Mollie.

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