The test can be started at any moment from the webinar dashboard by clicking on "Test the webinar".

In the control panel, choose the "lightning" icon on the right hand side. Select the call to action, poll or info box in the drop down menu. Set a time to configure how long the interaction will be visible and choose "Start". The interactions will now be visible to your and your test viewers underneath the video.

When you’re not live you, you can only set the interactions indefinitely with the option to manually stop them.


After starting an interaction, it jumps over to "Active", under the header "Happening now" you can see which interactions are still being displayed and for how long. You can stop an interaction early by clicking on the red square.

At "Completed" you’ll be able to see the previously used interactions, for polls you’ll also see the results.

Hand icon

With the "Hand" icon you can ask viewers easily and quickly about their opinion. Allow your viewers to give a thumbs up or thumbs down.

For example, you could choose to do this to quickly ask for opinions with the answer options: "AGREE" or "DISAGREE". Participants can give a thumbs up or thumbs down to indicate their thoughts. It’s a super fast way to get the public’s response.

Click on the switch to enable the "Hand" icon, the viewers will see it in the chat, in the top right they can click on a thumbs up or thumbs down. They always have the option to alter their choice.

The answers can be reset by choosing "Reset hands". No data about these interactions will be saved in the "Statistics".

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