The test can be started at any moment from the webinar dashboard by clicking on "Test the webinar".

When opening the live (test) environment, you’ll immediately be able to see the camera and presentation on screen (when you’ve uploaded a presentation, that is).

Click on the image icon to only show the presentation on screen. Click here for more information about how to change the aspect ratio between the presentation and camera.

In the control panel, click on the last icon in the top right to display all slides. Click on the slide you’d like to display. Here, you have the ability to turn the presentation on or off as well.

You can display the next or previous slides with:

  • Your mouse, click on the arrows in the top of the screen to display the next or previous slide, or click on the slide in the list to display it again.
  • Your keyboard, press the left or right arrows to change slides.
  • A USB remote control (e.g. a presenter).

Click on "Turn off" or another icon under the video to stop displaying your presentation. You always have the ability to turn your presentation back on (and off) at any given moment.

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