Will you always record my webinar?

Yes, there will always be a recording of your live webinar, regardless of your choice for enabling replays.

Can I edit my replay after publication?

No, this is not possible. This is true for the recording and the replay elements such as slides and call to actions. The replay is an exact representation of the live webinar. You do have the option to download the replay, edit it offline and release it later in WebinarGeek, e.g. as an on demand or automated webinar.

What if I want to do more with my replay, such as collecting more statistics or my own registration page?

A replay is meant for viewers of a live webinar, or people that happen to miss the broadcast. When you feel the need for more options, such as e.g. your own registration page, or more statistics, you can convert the recording in an on demand webinar. This is an individual webinar with a lot more possibilities, such as your own registration page, the option to send out follow-up emails and more statistics. To create an on demand webinar, choose "Options" next to the broadcast and click "Create an on demand webinar".

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