Why do you (only) work with Mollie?

Mollie is well-known for their reliability and transparent costs. The simplicity of using Mollie connects perfectly to our vision. For us it was an easy choice to cooperate with Mollie as a partner for payment processing.

Who or what is Mollie?

Mollie is a popular Dutch online payment platform and is known for their reliability and transparent costs.

The Dutch company was built on innovation and offers smart payment products that were easier, cheaper, and more flexible than conventional banks. With this, they provided a clear added benefit to the world of transactions.

Their philosophy seamlessly connections with WebinarGeek’s vision. We both aim to develop non-complicated and user-friendly products. Technology cannot stand in the way of usability. So our choice to cooperate with Mollie as a payment processing partner wasn’t a difficult one. They’re a great partner to help you earn money with your webinars.

Where can I ask questions about payments?

All financial transactions are processed using your personal Mollie account. Questions about invoices, payments, and other related matters can be asked to Mollie’s helpdesk. You can reach them here: https://help.mollie.com/hc/en.

Can I also add Bancontact as payment option?

Sure thing! Do this in your Mollie account at Settings > Payment methods.

Where do I execute refunds?

All transactions are processed using Mollie. An overview of your received payments can be found in your Mollie account. Possible refunds are also managed using your Mollie account. A refund through Mollie will cost you €0.25 EUR for each transaction. It’s possible to refund the whole amount, or a fraction of that amount.

My website profile has been denied, help?

There are different reasons why Mollie will deny a website profile. In this help article from Mollie you can read more about it. Also, you can learn about the things you can do to solve this issue.

What are the costs of paid webinars?

Organizing paid webinars is totally free. The option is available for all WebinarGeek packages, even during the free trial period.

Only when you start receiving payments, costs will be subtracted. These will be subtracted automatically from your received payments.

For each transaction you’ll pay €0.29 EUR to Mollie and 5% of the amount will be a handling free to WebinarGeek. You’re welcome to add these costs to the amount you’d like to receive beforehand, allocating the transaction costs to the viewer.

Why does WebinarGeek subtract a handling fee?

We do this to make sure the process will always be as uncomplicated and simple as possible. Both for you as a WebinarGeek user, but also for your participants.

In the background we practically use magic technology to allow the entire process to run as smoothly as possible for you. That’s what you should expect from us and those efforts do cost us some money as well, hence our choice to add a small handling fee.

What happens when someone failed to pay?

When someone registers for your webinar, but failed to pay for it, this person won’t be able to participate in the paid webinar. Only after the payment has been completed, that person will get access to the webinar. Completing a payment is possible up until the moment the webinar starts.

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