In the webinar dashboard choose "Open live webinar" to enter the webinar room.

In "Settings" select the correct microphone and camera (if needed), check if you’re correctly positioned on the screen and if people are able to hear you properly.

During the live webinar you can switch to a diffrent microphone and camera. Read more about it here.

When opening the live environment, you’ll immediately be able to see the camera and the presentation on screen (in case you uploaded some slides).

If you only want to use a camera, or only want to use the presentation at the start of your webinar, make sure to click on the icon underneath the video. Click here for more information.

If you haven't uploaded a presentation you don't have this option.

During the entire webinar, you have the option to change your camera and presentation configuration.

As soon as you’re ready, you can choose to click on "Start live webinar", at this moment the recording will start.

As soon as you’re live, the webinar will start for the host and the viewers, in the top right you’ll be able to see a timer that shows the duration of the webinar. Next to the text "Live", the number of current viewers is displayed.

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