It’s possible to invite 2 co-presenters to your webinar, these presenters can participate from another location. Just one of the hosts will be visible, but all presenters are audible during the live webinar. So it is possible to hold your webinar from 3 different locations.

Would you like to let another person present, but don’t want to be on screen yourself? You probably won’t need this functionality. In this case, it might be better for your to make someone else the main presenter and present the webinar instead of you.

Add co-presenter

After publishing your webinar, you have the option to add in total 2 co-presenters.

Click on your webinar > "Edit webinar" > scroll down and choose "+ Add new user" under "Webinar users".

Select “Co-presenter” as the assigned role and fill in the details of the person you’d like to invite for the role of co-presenter.

The co-presenter will receive an invitation email by default. Click on the checkmark to turn this functionality off.

Don’t forget to click on "Save" when adding the co-presenter.

Remove co-presenter

The saved data can always be edited or removed. This can be done when editing your webinar.

Go to “Extra users “ and choose "Edit" > "Change user" or "Remove user"

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