In the webinar dashboard, choose "Open live webinar" to enter the webinar room.

When opening the webinar room, you’ll immediately see the camera and the presentation on your screen (when you’ve uploaded a presentation).

During the live webinar you can display just the presentation, or both the presentation and the camera.

Under the video, click on the image icon when you’d only want to show the presentation.

Click on the camera + image icon to enable the side-by-side option. Click here for more information on how to set the aspect ratio for the camera and the presentation.

You have the ability to change how you’d like to display your camera and presentation during the entire webinar.

In the control panel, click on the last icon in the top right to see all your slides at once.

Click on the slide you’d like to display. Here, you can also enable or disable the presentation as a whole.

You can also display the next or previous slides with:

  • Your mouse, click on the arrows in the top of the screen to display the next or previous slide, or click on the slide in the list to display it again.
  • Your keyboard, press the left or right arrows to change slides.
  • A USB remote control (e.g. a presenter).

Click on "Disable" to no longer display the presentation. You can turn the presentation on or off at any given moment.

Start a webinar with a slide on screen

Before you’re live, you can already turn on a slide from your presentation.

Under the video, click on the image icon.

Next, click on ‘Start webinar’ after you turned on your slide.

When starting your webinar, it’s possible your camera will show for a brief moment.

You can choose to cover up your webcam for a moment to ensure you’re not on screen.

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