Emails that are sent from WebinarGeek will have a standard WebinarGeek-branded ‘from’ email. Obviously, most companies would like to use their own branded email using their own domain name. In this article, we’ll explain how to configure this.

Add email address

The first step is adding your domain-relevant email. In the top right, click on "Account" > "My account" > "Email sender" under "Advanced".

Under "Add sender" you have the option to personalize your ‘from’ email.

Please note: this is only possible for a domain-relevant email related to your personal domain name, because you have to verify domain ownership in the next step.

When adding an email with a domain name that’s unknown within WebinarGeek (email will result in domain name, the domain will be added in the overview of "Domains" with the status "Unverified"

Feel free to add multiple email addresses for the same domain name, you only need to verify a domain once.

Verify domain name

To be able to deliver emails from your own email domain, you should verify the ownership of this domain. This is needed to make sure your email won’t be marked as "spam" for the recipients of your emails.

To ensure verification, you need to place a bit of information in the "DNS zone" of the domain name. Normally you’d be able to do this at or via the (hosting) company the domain name is registered at.

The DNS instruction can be found by clicking the domain name at "Domains" and choose "DKIM Records" and/or "SPF Records":

n your account you’ll be able to see whether to add one or two records, which would be the DKIM- and/or the SPF-record.

Both records indicate what the name of the DNS record should be, what type it is ("TXT") and what the values should be ("content").

Add these records individually with your provider, or deliver the information to the person that can help you make these changes.

Please note: The method of adding these record can differ for each individual provider. You can contact your provider of (after correctly filling in your details) the verification didn’t succeed. It can take anywhere between 10 minutes and 4 hours before the verification process is complete

Awaiting verification

When the DNS zone records got added successfully, it can take a whole before WebinarGeek is able to detect the changes. The main reason for this is the cache memory for DNS information, which only gets renewed periodically.

You can try refreshing the page every now and then to check up on the latest status, or click on the button "Verify domain name" to retrieve the current status.

Again, it can take anywhere between 10 minutes and 4 hours before the verification process is complete.

Also make sure the DKIM- and the SPF-record are verified successfully, which can be done by clicking on your domain name under "Domains":

Using domain-relevant emails

When your domain name is verified, you can use domain relevant emails as the sender for your WebinarGeek emails.

When creating or editing your webinar you can set the sender for each individual email under "Emails":

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