Make online learning impactful, engaging and fun. With the quiz option, you have the ability to create and give interactive lessons.

This is a great fit for schools, internal business training, coaching, pub quizzes and many more. This way of synchronous classes does not need any extra downloads.

Quizzes can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Use the beginning of the webinar to find out what your viewers know and don’t know.
  • After presenting a new subject to give viewers a change to reinforce the learning.
  • Quizzes are also a great way to refer back to previous webinars to make sure viewers have retained key information.

Create quiz

Go to the webinar editor and choose "Interactions" > "+ Create interaction" > "Quiz".

Title for internal use

The added title will only be intended for internal use, so make sure to give it a name you can easily remember to start a certain interaction during the live webinar.

Result settings - viewers view

Click on preferred options.

Option 1. Show overall results to viewers. This will create a box with the percentage of right answers.

Option 2. Show if the viewer answered correctly. This will show a green checkmark at the right answer.

Single or multiple choice quiz

Select your preferred 'Quiz type'. This can be either a single or multiple choice. For a single choice quiz, the viewer can choose one answer. A multiple-choice quiz allows viewers to select and send over multiple answers.

Add a question

Click on the text to edit and type out the question or statement.

Add answer options.

Add answer options. Click on "Add answer" to add more answer options. Click on the text to edit the individual options.

In order to remove an individual answer option, click on the gear icon and choose "Remove".

To save your work. Click left on the blue "Create" button.

Quiz - on demand and automated webinar

For an on demand and an automated webinar you need to set the start time, vote time and result settings for your quiz.

Click on "Start time" and fill in the time the quiz should be started, fill in the vote time and how long results should be displayed. "Show results" means the number of minutes the results of the quiz are displayed after voting has ended.

The quiz will now automatically start at the set time.

Choose "+ add time" to plan another starting moment and continue by filling in the start time, vote time and result settings.

After doing this, click "Create" to generate the quiz.

Edit or remove quiz

In the overview for "Interactions", choose "Edit" to edit your quiz. Everything you change will be autosaved.

In the overview for "Interactions", click on the arrow icon next to the quiz and choose "Remove" to delete an interaction.

Start quiz

The created interactions can be manually started during a live webinar. Click here for more information on how to do this.

Quiz results

Viewers will be able to view results after answering the quiz depending on your quiz result settings. You’ll also be able to find quiz results after the webinar in the 'Statistics' section of your dashboard as a report.

Multiple choice quiz results: the question will only be marked CORRECT if you have answered the exact same multiple right answers. We do not give half points if one out of two is correct.

Example: In which 2 countries do people speak Dutch?

Possible answers: NL, BE, FR and ES. Right answers: NL & BE.

  1. If someone votes NL & BE: correct answer in reports/assessment.
  2. If someone votes NL: incorrect.
  3. If someone votes NL, BE and FR: incorrect.

Assessment Quiz

The quizzes can also be used with our assessment tool Click here for more information on how to do this. Pay attention! The assessment tool is only available from the premium subscription and up.

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