First of all, it is important for all presenters to meet the system requirements. Check the system requirement per presenter!

Here are a few scenarios that can occur with some tips:

1. The co-presenter cannot connect.

Make sure that you are both in the right environment. When inviting a co-presenter, he will receive a link for the test webinar and a link for the real webinar. Make sure you are in the same environment together. If so, the co-presenter will see the option to connect. Click here to see how to share or resend the invitation yourself.

2. The co-presenter hears and sees me. But I don't see and hear the co-presenter.

  • If you have not given the co-presenter permission to participate in the webinar and the co-presenter can see and hear you but you can’t. In that case, the co-presenter is logged in via another role. This can be a moderator or a viewer. Close the (test) webinar and follow the steps to add the co-presenter.
  • Has the co-presenter been added correctly? Next, stop the (test) webinar and send the invitation email again. Subsequently, start a new test.

3. We are already live but the co-presenter is not audible.

  • If the co-presenter connects during the live (test) webinar, the microphone is muted from the beginning. In this situation, only the main presenter can unmute the individual. Click on the microphone below the video of the co-presenter. Be aware! The co-presenter may also have muted himself. Then the co-presenter has to click on the microphone to unmute himself.
  • Is the co-presenter still not audible? The co-presenter has to go through the following steps.

4. Does the viewer hear a cracking echo or a crazy "alien or robot sound"?

  • It is possible your speakers are too loud, and the sound is received by your microphone and broadcasted again. In this case, turn down your speakers.
  • Does the step above not work? Stop the (test) webinar and use earphones or headphones.
  • If this does not solve the problem and the viewer still hears a cracking or crazy sound, go to step 5.

5. Sound does not improve after step 4.

Co-presenting requires a lot of your connection and computer power, the sound and video of all presenters are streamed through the computer of the main presenter. It can be the connection or computer of the main presenter that's not good or strong enough.

Now exclude things out. Are you on a wired connection? Is the computer not older than 3 years? Are all other programs closed during the live webinar?

  • The CPU of the main presenter can be limited. Close (do not minimize) all other programs and try again.
  • Does it not solve? Go through the system requirements and try another setup, especially a stronger computer.
  • If a co-presenter has a better connection and computer, switch roles.

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