The LinkedIn Insight Tag makes conversion tracking, optimisation and remarketing your LinkedIn advertisements and promotions easier than ever. WebinarGeek offers a useful integration with the LinkedIn Insight Tag, so you can easily create an ad for your webinar and can directly measure your conversion rate from visitors to registrations.

The connection with WebinarGeek means we automatically place the LinkedIn Insight Tag on all your public pages. You can create LinkedIn conversions for e.g. successful webinar registrations. With this data you’re able to easily track conversions.

Create a tag in LinkedIn

The first step is creating a LinkedIn Insight Tag in LinkedIn. If you’re wondering how this all works, check out the step-by-step explanation here.

It’s important to fill in your WebinarGeek subdomain for the domain name field, so use e.g.:

Connect with WebinarGeek

When a Tag has been created, you can start connecting it with WebinarGeek. For each account you can connect one Tag, which will automatically be set up for all your webinars. We need your LinkedIn Partner ID for this to work, you find this in the code of the Insight Tag on line 2 after "_linkedin_data_partner_id". It will be a number, copy it:

Next, in WebinarGeek in the top right click on your name and choose "Integrations", go to "Social media" and fill in your Partner ID under "Partner ID".

When the connection is created, the Tag will automatically be added to all your pages, and you’re ready to set conversions in LinkedIn. As soon as visitors start coming in, your WebinarGeek subdomain will soon be made active in your LinkedIn account.

Configure conversions

The LinkedIn Tag measures all visitors of your pages automatically, but you want to obviously measure conversions. How many people register for your webinar using your LinkedIn advertisements? For this we need to create a conversion. Go to the LinkedIn Campaign Manager and choose "Account assets" and click on "Conversion tracking". Next, choose "Create new conversion". Fill in the following details:

We want to set a conversion for a successful registration. So we choose "Sign up" as conversion type, you have the option to choose a campaign, choose your WebinarGeek subdomain, and pick the "Site-wide insight tag" as conversion methode. Next, the most important part: fill in the URL which confirms someone registered will contain the text "/subscribed/". So as soon as someone encounters a URL that contains this text, LinkedIn will know a successful webinar registration occured.

Overview pages with tag

The LinkedIn Insight Tag is placed on the following pages:

  • Registration page
  • Confirmation pages (confirm registration, show webinar details)
  • View pages (waiting room page, webinar view page)
  • Payment pages (payment status)


When you set your partner ID correctly in WebinarGeek and your own WebinarGeek subdomain name is set up in LinkedIn, you can assume everything is set up correctly on our end. And data will be send out correctly to LinkedIn. Is your connection working properly but still have some questions about how to measure data and connect your Tag to your ads? Please use the LinkedIn Help Center that explains every aspect of the information you need.

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