he "Statistics" can be found in your webinar dashboard.

Click on your webinar > "Statistics" > "Payments".

At the top you’ll see a graph with the amount you currently collected.

You can see the number of paid registrations and the total gross earnings.

Under "Paid registrations" you can find all people that chose to subscribe. You’ll also see the payment status for each subscriber.

For extensive information about a subscriber, click on "Options" and choose "Payment information".

Would you like an overview of all payments? Click here for more information.

Export participants list

You have the option to export a participants list of all registrations. This information will be exported to a so-called .CSV file.

Go to the webinar statistics.

Click on "Registration page", "Payments" or "Viewers" and next, click on "Export to .CSV".

The .CSV file contains 2 extra columns: if someone already paid and the amount that person has paid.

Revoke access

You can also make sure the participant won’t be able to view the webinar, e.g. when payments are missing.

Go to "Statistics" > "Payments", click on "Options" and next, choose "Don’t allow viewing".

Facebook Pixel

When you’ve added a Facebook Pixel to WebinarGeek, this will give some insight into the results of your paid webinars. The connection makes sure a payment-event with the earned amount will be sent to Facebook.

That way you can see in Facebook how much money your paid campaigns are earning.

Check out this help article on how to add a Facebook pixel to your WebinarGeek account.

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