Create a connection with Mailchimp, the connection with this integration can ensure your webinar registrations, viewers or non-viewers will be automatically added to a mailing list. Also, you can add tags and set your Mailchimp campaigns based on webinar activity.

This way you can easily retrieve data about your registrations, viewers or non-viewers in your mailing list and follow-up on them yourself. For example, you can send out your own confirmation emails or arrange email campaigns based on viewer behavior.

What do you need?

To be able to connect Mailchimp with WebinarGeek you need a Mailchimp account.

Prerequisite two is your Mailchimp "merge fields" can’t contain fields that are mandatory, other than FNAME. Our integration sends over the first name to the standard tag FNAME and the last name (if applicable) to the tag LNAME. Renaming these can cause data to not get through properly. Read more about this here .

It also won’t work when the registration was once removed from your mailing list, this is known in Mailchimp as "forgotten" and can’t be added again, except manually.

Create connection

In the top right, click on “Account” > “Integrations” and choose “Mailchimp”.

To be able to create a connection with Mailchimp you need to fill in the “API key” of your Mailchimp account. Next, choose “Connect”.

The “API key” can be created and found inside your Mailchimp account, click here for more details.

After creating the connection, you have the option to add your triggers!


After you create a Mailchimp connection, start adding triggers

You can create a new trigger on account level or for each individual webinar

There are three triggers:

  • New registration
  • New viewer
  • Non-viewer

After selecting a trigger, you can set an action.

Mailchimp works on the basis of an email list. There are two important differences:

  • Add to a mailing list
    The participant is always added to a mailing list, unless of course email opt-in permission field wasn’t filled in. Here you can also set a double opt-in option: "Double opt-in required?"
  • Add a tag
    The tag will only be added when participant is already on the mailing list, not in any other cases.

After setting either one of these actions, you can select a mailing list or tag.

Use WebinarGeek tags

Every registration that’s added to your mailing list will get a set of WebinarGeek tags, these fields contain information about the registration that can be used in Mailchimp as information in emails about this registration, or on which you can base your email campaigns. These fields are:

  • WebinarGeek watch date: The date of the webinar for which someone registers, e.g.: 01/03/2019 (WDATE).
  • WebinarGeek watch time: The time of the webinar for which someone registers, e.g.: 08:00PM (WTIME).
  • WebinarGeek watch link: The unique viewing URL of the registration for the webinar (WLINK).

This information can be used in emails to your contacts, as so-called merge tags. For example, you may use the tag *|WDATE|* to set a relevant webinar date in the email.

Also, you can arrange email campaigns on the basis of the tags. For example, you can send out your own confirmation- and reminder emails (make sure that when you send your own confirmation email using Mailchimp, you turn these off in WebinarGeek. Here you read how to do this).

Please note: These tags will be updated if the same contact is registered for another webinar that is connected to the same list. If you’ve got one webinar running that’s not a problem, but if you’ve got more we recommend you to separate into multiple lists.

Send confirmation- or reminder emails using Mailchimp

To do this, you can create an email campaign. As a preference, you set a trigger that sends out an email as soon as someone is added to your list (you may also use a tag as a trigger). It’s important to set a condition in "Conditions", to make sure the field with the watch link isn’t empty. This way you can prevent someone is added to your list and doesn’t get their personalized webinar link.

In the email itself, you have the option to use the merge tags:

As a link for the "View my webinar" button you can use the viewing link merge tag:

When the email is now broadcasted, all details will be in there as they should!

These campaigns can also be arranged or expanded to automate reminder- and follow up emails.

Please note: These tags are updates if the same contact is registered for another webinar attached to the same list. If you’ve got a single webinar running that’s not an issue, but if you’ve got more we recommend separating using multiple lists. Also remember if you’re sending out your own confirmation emails through Mailchimp, these should be turned off in WebinarGeek. Here you read how to do this.

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