In your account you can now look up all personal data we collect about your webinar registrations. Also keep in mind a registration is legally allowed to request their personal data. It’s possible to view and share this personal data using the instructions below.

New data viewing request

In the top right, click on "Account" > "My account" > "View data", under "Privacy & Security".

Fill in the email address of the individual you’d like to view personal data for and click on "Add data lookup".

View personal data

Click on ‘Options’ > ‘View data’ to view their personal data. A new tab will be opened with the personal data.

Share personal data

You can share this data with the person requesting them. To do this, click on ‘Options’ > ‘Copy data view URL’. This URL valid for 7 days and you’ll be able to see the date and time it expires.

Remove personal data viewing

To remove the data viewings, click on ‘Options’ > ‘Remove’.

Please note: this only removes data views and not the actual data itself. To remove the actual personal data, go to the webinar where the individual registered for, and remove the data and registration at ‘Statistics’ > ‘Registrations’.

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