The public link is a unique link for each replay that can be easily shared. Every person you share the public replay link with can view the replay, unless you haven’t made the replay publicly available.

Click on your webinar > "Replay" > "Share public link". A pop-up will appear where you can copy the link from.

Be aware that you only share the public link with the people that are allowed to view the replay. You have the option to change the availability of your replay at all times, do this in the replay settings.

The interactions (call to action, poll and information box) which where used during the live webinar won’t be displayed. Also, no questions can be asked when using the public link.

The public watch link will count the number of unique viewers, which is measured for broadcasts after July 21, 2019. In the ‘Statistics’ you can find the number of unique viewers.

Would you like to collect the viewer data from the replay and do you want to allow people to respond to interactions? In this case, it’s better to use your replay as an on demand webinar.

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