For the viewers that missed the automated webinar, but did register for it, there’s the option to watch the replay of the webinar. You can choose to release this (or keep it for yourself). You can set this beforehand during the creation of the webinar, or afterwards for each broadcast. Also, you can e.g. remind non-viewers about your replay with an email.

When a replay is available, make sure viewers will automatically see the replay using the "View webinar" button in the confirmation email after the live webinar. The recording of your replay is the same as the one you set up for the automated webinar.

Configure replays

During the creation of the automated webinar you can configure the standard replay options. Here, you can indicate if the replays should be turned on or off by default (for new broadcasts).

Also, you can set if viewers can ask questions (when viewing a replay people cannot use the chat, but can ask questions), and where you’d like these questions to go. Finally, indicate if you want to offer limited replay availability, e.g. 3 days after a broadcast.

Offering replays

When a replay has been set for a broadcast, all registrations will automatically have access to the recording of this broadcast. People can view this using one of two ways:

  • By clicking on the "View webinar" button in the confirmation email after the webinar ended.
  • By clicking on the "View webinar" button from the replay email (see below).

It’s also possible to share your replay with people that haven’t registered for your webinar. For this, you can use the "Public link", a unique link for each broadcast with a recording. For viewers that view using a public link no data will be tracked, and no interactions will be displayed on screen.

Sending replay emails

Under "Edit webinar"" "Emails" you can create a new replay email as a follow-up email.

Here you can remind your registrations (or viewers/non-viewers specifically) the replay is now available, with an invitation to go watch it. Click here for more information about the replay

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