For an automated webinar, it’s possible to allow people to register and watch yesterday’s replay.

This option will only be available when you configure a broadcast schedule.

Click on your webinar and scroll down to “Recurring broadcast” under “General”, after you set a broadcast schedule this option will be available.

Click on the switch nest to “Offer yesterday’s replay”. Obviously, the pre-loaded recording will be used for this. Yesterday’s replay will be available for an unlimited amount of time, unless you turn off the switch again.

Yesterday’s replay is always visible as the first option on the registration page and on the embed form.

After registration, people will also receive an adapted confirmation email. (''without date and time'' and ''add to planner'' option). They won’t receive other planned emails.

The triggers for your integrations work exactly the same compared to a regular replay.

The question box for yesterday’s replay depends on the settings you chose when creating your automated webinar. You cannot change this after creating your webinar for yesterday’s replay.

In the ‘Statistics’ of the webinar you can retrieve the viewers of ”Yesterday’s replay”. You can also display this as a separate broadcast in the “Statistics”.

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