A replay is a recording of your live webinar. A recording of a live webinar is always created, you won’t need to do anything to create one.

After the webinar, you’ll always be able to watch the replay again at your own discretion. Participants can only view the replay once you made it available to them.

The replay starts when you begin the live webinar and it will stop the second you end the live webinar.

Offering the replay

The option to offer the replay is turned on by default when creating a new webinar. Click on the switch to disallow offering the replay to your subscribers. You can always change this after the broadcast for each individual webinar in the replay settings.

Setting availability

Configure the standard settings for the replay for all (upcoming) broadcasts for your webinar during the creation process.

You are able to set a limited availability for your replay. Click on the switch for "Availability".

Note the number of days the replay will be available after the live webinar.

The availability can be changed in replay settings after publishing the webinar.

Replay public chat messages

Click on the switch at “chat in replay”. The replay viewers will see all the public chat messages that were sent at the specific moment in the live webinar. Note! This will only work for Live webinars.

Accept questions

This option is turned on by default when creating a new webinar. The questions will be sent to the provided email you fill in. Click on the switch next to "Accept questions" to disallow.

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