The evaluation form is a nifty tool to receive input from viewers about your webinar. The form will be automatically displayed after the webinar has ended.


Go to the webinar editor and choose "Webinar" > "Evaluation".

Click on the switch to enable the evaluation form. When you’ve activated the form, this will automatically appear as a pop-up after ending your webinar. You won’t need to turn it on manually anymore.

Also activated the sales page? The evaluation form will be displayed as a pop-up after the webinar first. After dismissing the form (or filling it out), the sales page will be visible.


You can immediately edit the questions and answers. At the bottom of the form you can add different types of questions:

  • text field
  • textbox (multiple lines)
  • single choice
  • multiple choice

Add by clicking on an element under the form.

Click on the text to edit a question.

Want to remove an answer? Click the gear icon > "Remove" to delete.

Underneath the form you can edit the "thank you" text that shows up as soon as the form has been filled out.


On your left, click on "Remove evaluation form" to revert everything back to default settings and turn the form off again.


The results can be reviewed in the "Statistics” of your webinar. In the webinar dashboard, click on "Statistics" > "Evaluations" to review the results of the evaluation form for each individual viewer/broadcast.

You can also export this data to a .CSV file for further analysis.

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