With the info box, you have the option to give viewers extra information during the webinar, but no call to action will be attached.

An info box might come in handy to e.g. show background information about the host, or it could display a general announcement.

Creating an info box

Go to the webinar editor and choose "Interactions" > "+ Add interaction" > "Information".

Title for internal use

The title you’ll fill in here will be for internal use only, so give it a practical name to make sure which interaction to start during the webinar.

Customize info box

Click on the text to adapt it and change the image by clicking the gear icon.

After doing this, click on "Create new information box" to create a new info box.

Info box - on demand and automated webinar

For an on demand and an automated webinar you need to set the start time and the duration of your info box.

Click on "Start time" and fill in the time the info box should be started. Also choose the duration the info box should be visible.

The info box will now be automatically started on the set time.

Choose "+ add time" to plan another starting moment. Continue by filling in the new start time and duration.

After doing this, click on "create information box" to create a new info box.

Edit or remove info box

In the overview for "Interactions", choose "Edit" to edit your call to action. Everything you edit here will be autosaved.

In the overview for "Interacties", click on the arrow next to the call to action and choose "Remove" to delete the interaction.

Start info box

The generated interactions can be started manually in your live environment. Click here for more information.

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