As soon as you added the co-presenter(s), you have the ability to host the webinar together. You’ll be audible at the same time, but only a single host will be visible at any given moment.

The main presenter determines who is on screen, by clicking underneath the video of the co-presenter.

Connect before the live webinar

Before the webinar, you can log in together with the co-presenters. Do this by logging in yourself and going to the live (test) environment. Next, let your co-presenters click on the invite link to go to the (test) webinar.

The co-presenters can click on "Connect" in the live (test) environment to connect with the main host.

When the main host isn’t online, the co-presenter(s) will be notified of this, let the co-presenter refresh the page until a connection can be established.

After the co-presenter(s) have clicked on “Connect” you’ll be notified to connect with the co-presenter(s).

As soon as the connection is established, all hosts will see a video of the other hosts and themselves. Now, you have the ability to communicate using your audio. This is perfect for the preparation of the live webinar!

The main host will determine who is visible on the screen, by clicking underneath the video of the co-host. The main host has the option to start the webinar when everyone is ready!

Connect during the live webinar

You can already start the webinar before connecting with the co-presenter(s). The co-presenter(s) can connect at any moment during the webinar. So when one of the presenters is late, there’s no need for panic and you can simply start the show.

When there is co-presenter(s) that want to connect during the live webinar, they will be muted upon entry. You can turn this off by clicking on the microphone icon underneath the video of the co-presenter(s).

Start the webinar

The main host will always start the webinar, by clicking on "Start (test) webinar".

During the live webinar, only one of the presenters will be visible to the viewers, but all presenters are audible. You as the main host can mute co-presenters at any given moment, which can be done by hovering over the video at the bottom and clicking the microphone icon.

The main presenter will clearly see who is visible at which moment to the viewers. Also, you’ll be able to see a blue line near the presenters' video that’s currently on screen.

Click on the co-presenter to switch the screen to that person.

Click on yourself to switch the screen back to you.

Switching between presenters can be done as many times as you’d like. And when you’re done with the webinar, the main presenter can click on "Stop (test) webinar" to end the webinar. The connection with the co-presenters will be ended, but can obviously be restarted for a new test or live webinar.

Automatically put active speakers in view

As the main presenter, you can manually switch between co-presenters when they speak, but it can also be done automatically! You can do this by selecting the option 'Automatically put active presenter in view' in the settings, where you manage the camera and sound. The option is active then the dot is orange. A co-presenter will then automatically appear on screen when they speak or make a sound.

Testing with a co-presenter

Test the set-up with the co-presenters beforehand to avoid any surprises during the live webinar.

Make sure that you always have a test viewer with co-presenters who can watch the test with you. Why?

Co-presenting requires a lot of your connection and computer power, the sound and video of all presenters are streamed via the main presenter.

Please note! The sound that the presenters hear among themselves is not how it is broadcast. Therefore, test this with a test viewer so that it can hear whether the sound is good.

Is the sound not good? Then go through the system requirements and troubleshooting!

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