The "Statistics" can be found in your webinar dashboard.

Click on "Statistics" on the left hand side to go check out all the data you ever needed about your webinars. After all, data is knowledge. WebinarGeek provides a clear overview of the performance of all your webinars. This allows you to see how you’re doing on the webinar front at all times. Essential information to improve your future webinars. To help you out even more, we also added the "WebinarGeek average", a score that quantifies the performance of your webinars compared to other viewers. Click on a broadcast in the table to see the results for individual streams.


Click on your webinar > "Statistics" > "Report".

At the top you’ll see a graph with the registration flow. The registration flow shows exactly when people subscribed to your webinars. That’s how you’ll know which days are the best to boost those promotions and get more viewers.

You can also quickly see which promotional efforts are the most effective for the number of registrations. By hovering your mouse over the graph, you’ll see the number of registrations for the day.

Click on a broadcast in the table to show the results of that specific broadcast. At the bottom, you’ll find a short summary of the registration page and viewer performance. Click on "Registration page" or " Webinar" to show the more extensive statistics.

Export everything to PDF

A option for your webinar to get one overview of all "Statistics". Export all "Statistics" from a webinar or a specific broadcast.

Click on your webinar > "Statistics" > "Reporting". Select a specific broadcast or "Total" to export the total "Statistics" and click on "Export all to PDF".

A pop-up opens and you can see to which email the file is sent. Then click on "Request PDF".

The request is being processed and you can close the screen.

As soon as the download is available you will receive an email. This can take up to 5 minutes.

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