All messages that are being sent from the chat during your webinar will be saved. These can be retrieved from the statistics of the webinar using the tab “Chat”.

The "Statistics" can be found in your webinar dashboard.

Click on your webinar > "Statistics" > "Chat”.

At the top you’ll see a graph that shows the chat activity during the webinar from minute to minute. This allows you to see at which moment in the presentation the most questions were asked.

Underneath the graph you can select the preferred broadcast and you’ll find a table with more statistics about the chat.

Scroll down even further, and you’ll find all conversations. Here you can read back all chat messages.

Exporting chat messages

It’s possible to export the chat messages in a .CSV file. Click on your webinar > "Statistics" > "Chat” > "Export to CSV".

This helps you follow up with questions when they haven’t been answered yet. Or use the conversations to create a “questions and answers” list and send this over to your webinar participants. You can also import the conversations into your CRM system this way, so you can add data to a contact.

On demand/replay questions

The questions that are asked during an on demand webinar or replay can also be found in the "Statistics". These questions will be automatically emailed to the email you set up earlier.

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