There will always be an automated recording of your live webinar. The recording starts when you press ‘Start live webinar’ and it will stop when clicking on ‘Stop webinar’.

As soon as your live webinar ended, we’ll start processing the replay recording. This will take about 15 to 20 minutes on average. Processing the replay happens in the background, you can simply close your screen.

As soon as the replay is available, the button changes from "Processing replay" into "Replay" automatically. Even if you didn’t enable replays, you can still replay your own webinar and still decide to release the recording at a later point in time.

View replay

You as a host can watch the replay by going to your webinar dashboard after your live webinar and clicking on "Replay" > "Watch replay". A new screen will be opened where you have the option to watch the replay.

The subscribers of your webinar can watch the recording in a number of different ways.

The "View webinar" button in the confirmation email will be auto-redirected to the replay, after the live webinar finished.

You can also set up a replay email. This allows your registrations, viewers or non viewers to watch your webinar (again).

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