Manage paid participants

In practice, it could happen you’d like to refund a payment or don’t want to allow a participant to view the webinar.

Refund payment

It could happen a payment needs to be refunded. For example, because the webinar couldn’t be held at the planned moment.

To refund a payment, go to your Mollie account. Check out here how to do this.

After the refund has been processed in Mollie, the registration in your WebinarGeek account will display the status "not paid".

PLEASE NOTE: The participant can still view the webinar. See below on how to make sure the participant cannot view the webinar anymore.

Revoke permission

You can also make sure the participant can’t possibly watch the webinar anymore.

Click on your webinar and go to 'Statistics' > 'Payments', next click on ‘Options’ for the right participant and choose ‘Revoke viewing permission’.

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