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Configure paid webinar
Configure paid webinar

It’s very simple to organize paid webinar with WebinarGeek.

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It’s very simple to organize paid webinar sessions with WebinarGeek. Request payment from viewers to participate in a webinar and earn money with your valuable knowledge.

The first step to set up payments is to connect a Mollie or Stripe account to your WebinarGeek account. Click here to learn more about activating paid webinars for your account.

After connecting a Mollie or Stripe account to your WebinarGeek account you can set a price for each webinar. That price can be anything between 1 and 10.000 and should be paid before people can view the webinar.

Enabling payments

Click on your webinar > 'Edit webinar' > 'Registration' > 'Payments'.

Navigating to the 'Payments' page under 'Registration' when editing the webinar

You can organize paid webinars after you connect your Mollie or Stripe account with WebinarGeek.

Activate payments by clicking on the switch.

Activating payments by clicking the switch

Enter a price

Choose a price between the values 1 and 10.000, which participants will need to pay in order to attend the webinar.

Entering the amount participants have to pay

Choose currency (Stripe)

If you have WebinarGeek connected to Stripe you will be able to choose from a list of currencies. The chosen currency is displayed to your customers. When working with Mollie as a payment provider, the only currency available will be euros.

Please note! Make sure the price is within the minimal and maximal limits of what your payment provider allows you to charge. Learn more about limits here.

Configuring the currency for a paid webinar

Add contact details

The contact details are required for after-sales questions from participants about the payment.

Adding an email is mandatory, phone numbers are optional. These contact details will be displayed during the payment process.

The contact details can be changed when editing your webinar under 'Registration' > 'Payments'.

Adding contact details for questions about payments

Automated and live webinars settings

Go to your webinar editor and click on 'Registration' > 'Payment'.

Preventing someone from logging in twice

When you let your viewers pay for watching the webinar, you want to avoid someone else using the same link again. That is why they automatically get blocked.

It works like this: when a paying viewer tries to view the webinar using his/her watch link, that person will be allowed in. If someone else also tries to watch using the same link, that person will see an error notification on their screen.

So only one person at the same time can watch from each unique link. We also look at the IP address. Watching the remainder of the webinar on another device is possible, but the screen for the original device should be closed first.

Webinar with multiple broadcasts

You can add multiple broadcasts to a webinar so you can offer the same webinar at different dates and times. This allows participants to choose the broadcast time that suits them best.

For a paid webinar the participant will get access to all broadcasts after payment. This means they can subscribe to another broadcast without having to pay again.

Want people to pay for each individual broadcast separately?

Add a checkmark to 'Viewers should pay the amount for each broadcast of this webinar individually'. Do this when editing/creating your webinar at 'Registration' > 'Payments' > 'Settings'.

Activating the setting that requires viewers to pay the amount for each individual broadcasts

On demand webinar settings

The option to allow paid webinars is only available for on demand webinars that have been created after November 3, 2018. Please don’t copy a webinar created before that date either.

Go to your webinar editor and click on 'Registration' > 'Payment'.

Maximum watch time

Prevent multiple people from viewing the on demand webinar with a single payment. Set a maximum watch time for your on demand webinar.

We recommend a watch time of the total recording length + 25%. This allows someone to scroll back the recording, but makes it so that they can't watch it more than once.

Click on your on demand webinar and click on 'Edit webinar'. Go to 'Webinar' > 'Webinar page'.

Under 'Webinar settings', click on the switch next to 'Viewers are limited in viewing time' and enter the maximum number of minutes.

Setting a maximum watch time for viewers

Payment confirmation for each email

As soon as you enable 'Payments' for a webinar, an extra email is created in that webinar. This so-called payment confirmation is added as an extra confirmation email.

You have the option to modify this email under 'Emails' with the email editor when editing your webinar.

This email is automatically sent when a participant completes a payment.

A payment confirmation email in the email list for a webinar

Tip! Add information about the required payment to the standard confirmation email. For example, mention that it’s not possible to view the webinar without having completed a payment.

Please note! A payment for a webinar also gives the viewer permission to watch the replay.

Connected webinars

With WebinarGeek it’s possible to connect webinars. This means a participant can register for multiple webinars at the same time on a single registration page.

The payment process starts after registration, which gives the participant access to all webinars in the connected series.

Want people to make payments for individual broadcasts?

Add a checkmark to 'Viewers should pay the amount for each broadcast of this webinar individually'. Do this when editing/creating your webinar at 'Registration' > 'Payments' > 'Settings'.

Preventing someone from registering with the wrong email

To reduce potential email typing errors and thus not receiving confirmation emails, you can add a verification step to the email field. Click here for an explanation of how to set up this registration field.

Preventing someone from receiving the watch link without having paid

Once someone registers for your paid webinar, they will automatically receive the confirmation mail containing the watch link to the webinar regardless of the payment status. They will not be able to watch the webinar until the payment is done. To prevent someone from receiving the watch link without having paid, you can disable the confirmation email and add the watch link in the payment confirmation email instead by using the {{{watch_link}}} email variable.

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