Set a direct link up to view the webinar without registration, only a first name is required if desired.

The link redirects the visitor to the next or current broadcast. Think carefully about where you share the link because you can get many viewers at once.

Click on your webinar> "Edit webinar"> "Registration"> "Registration page".

Click the switch to enable the direct link. If this is enabled, you will also see the option to apply the first name registration field as required.

Click on the switch to adjust it. If no first name is known, we generate a unique name for each viewer to use in chat and interactions.

There are a few points to keep in mind:

  • No emails will be sent to anyone entering the webinar with the direct link. Because there is no registration, it is therefore not possible to set up a follow-up email.
  • This option is not available for paid webinars.
  • Share the public link with care. The anonymous viewer cannot be sent a replay afterward because no email address is known.
  • Interactions are visible to the viewer. Statistics are also kept. This on the basis of the entered data. Like the filled-in name or automatically generated name.

Prefill Firstname

If you want to prefill the participant's first name as soon as he comes to the page, you can do this via the “firstname” parameter in the url. Fill this query variable with the name of the participant, then it will be entered in the first name field.

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