What’s the name of the game? Think of a catchy title that fits you and your target audience.

When creating a webinar, you have the ability to set your own title. Click on the text field and type out your title. When you’re unsure about your webinar title at this point in time, don’t panic. You’ll always be able to come back later and change it.

Creating a catchy title

Make sure your title isn’t too long and contains relevant information. Here’s a few examples of catchy titles:

  • Create magic vlogs and videos
  • Manifest your growing business
  • Learn X in 5 simple steps
  • 10 tips to do Y

Changing your title

Click on the webinar you’d like to change the title of, then click on on "Edit webinar" to the right and change your title where it says "Title". Your new title will automatically be saved, which can be verified with the green checkmark.

Please note: The templates that use the new title won’t be changed. This can be manually altered in the relevant editors.

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