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Connect a webinar to a webinar series
Connect a webinar to a webinar series

Connect webinars to create a webinar series. A useful feature for creating a course with different lessons, for example.

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Connect webinars to each other and create a webinar series! This is an useful feature for e.g. the creation of a course with different lessons.

The benefit is only having to share a single link for the registration page, without having to configure all the settings for each individual webinar.

Visitors of your registration page can register for multiple webinars at the same time on the page.

Linking a webinar to a series

What does connecting do?

When connecting webinars, certain elements will be used for all webinars in the same series. The connected webinars will be placed on a single registration page, where individuals can register for one or multiple webinars.

The registration page, registration fields, embed form, confirmation page, payments, confirmation email, and registration link are one and the same for the connected webinars.

You can also see the notification below for the configuration of the connected webinars.

List of connected webinars in the newly created series

The other settings, such as the webinar page, presentation, video injection, sales page, evaluation, interactions and the reminder, follow up and replay emails won’t be the same. These can be set for each individual webinar.

Connecting a webinar

To connect a webinar, you can follow the following steps:

  1. Create the 'main webinar', this is the first webinar in the series.

  2. Create the second webinar. Set the title, date, time and other variables and click on the switch next to 'Connect to a webinar series'.

  3. Select the 'main webinar' (the webinar you wish to link the webinar to).

  4. Create the webinar.

If you have an internal title for the 'main webinar' this title will be shown in the dropdown instead.

link to a webinar series option

In the webinar overview, connected webinars will be visually connected using a light-grey line.

Webinar series are indicated by grey lines and a dots icon

The only way to disconnect a webinar from another is by deleting the sub webinar(s). To do this, follow the next steps:

  1. Navigate to your webinar in the webinar overview.

  2. Click on the arrow next to 'View details'.

  3. Click on 'Delete webinar'.

  4. Confirm the pop-up.

Please note! The connected webinar will be permanently deleted and can no longer be recovered after removal.

Changing the title of a webinar series

While each webinar in a series has its own title, you can also change the title of an entire webinar series. You’ll be able to modify the series title once two webinars have been connected to a webinar series.

To do this, follow the steps:

  1. Navigate to one of your webinars in the series.

  2. Click on 'Edit webinar' and scroll down to 'About your webinar' under the 'General' tab.

  3. Enter your series title at 'Series title'.

By default, the series title will be the name of the first webinar that was created in the series.

The series title will be what is displayed as the name of the webinar series on the webinar channel. You can also use a variable to show the series title on your webinar pages, such as the registration page.

Sorting a webinar series

A series can easily be sorted and put in a different order. Simply drag and drop!
Click on the dots in front of the webinar and drag them to the right place.

Sorting webinars in a series

Connecting on demand webinars

While live and automated webinars can be connected to the other type, on demand webinars can only be connected to other on demand webinars.

Because this is about on demand webinars, there are small differences in the registration page compared to connected live and automated webinars.

When it comes to live and automated webinars, subscribers choose a date and time to watch the webinar. This isn’t necessary in the case of on demand webinars and, because of that, subscribers don’t have to pick a date and time.

When someone wants to subscribe to an on demand webinar series they will see a list of webinars in the series with checkboxes next to the titles. By pressing the boxes next to the titles subscribers can choose whether or not they want to subscribe to that webinar. You can decide whether you want the boxes to be checked or unchecked by default in the registration settings. Read more about that here.

Registration page of a on demand series

After subscribing, the participant will see a screen with the watch links for the on demand webinars they chose to subscribe to. They’ll be able to watch these whenever they want to.

Please note! When it comes to individual on demand webinars, you can set it so that participants are immediately directed to the webinar after subscribing. This is not an option in the case of connected on demand webinars because participants get a confirmation page with the watch links of the webinars they chose.

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