During a live webinar you have the option to play (YouTube) videos . For example, to show your audience a testimonial or a product demo.

You can also record a part of your presentation beforehand, and only start and end the live webinar to answer questions.

Please note: The download of your live webinar recording (replay) won’t contain any video injections. You can only add this using video editing software.

Adding a YouTube URL

Click on your webinar > 'Edit webinar' > 'Webinar' > 'Webinar page'.

Click on 'Add video' in 'Webinar page'. Paste a YouTube URL into the field and choose 'Add'. You have the ability to add as many videos as you’d like here.

The YouTube video needs to be published as 'Public' or 'Hidden' (found under 'Basic information'). A hidden video isn’t publicly available, but can be played in WebinarGeek. You also need to enable video embeds (under 'Distribution options' > 'Allow embeds').

Manage video injection

Click on your webinar > 'Edit webinar' > 'Webinar' > 'Webinar page'.

Click on the button 'Manage videos'.

Add a video

Paste a Youtube URL into the corresponding field and choose 'Add' to add another one.

Remove a video

Hover your mouse over the video that should be deleted and choose the bin icon in the upper left corner.

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