After downloading your webinar you can edit the replay with video editing software. Camtasia is an example of a popular editing tool, we use Camtasia too to edit videos. It’s a very user-friendly tool.

Having trouble editing the video? Upload it to YouTube and download it again. It’s usually easier to use the YouTube file format in video editing software. You can also use the YouTube link to release the recording as an on demand or automated webinar.

Offer edited replay

Sometimes you start your webinar too early, so this part is also included in the recording. Or you distribute and share information that is not intended for the public. In this case, you can download your webinar replay, edit it externally, and reshare it to your registrations.

Replace your replay recording by adding the recording to an on demand webinar. After editing your replay, upload the video file to YouTube. You need this URL to add an external recording to your on demand webinar.

Make sure to enable your on demand webinar confirmation email. Click Edit Webinar> Email> + New Confirmation Email.

Your new replay recording is now ready as an on demand webinar. You can share the registration link. This link can be found on the right side of your webinar dashboard.

Do not re-register for replacement replay

Export the registration list of your live webinar as a CSV file. Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to export. Then import the contacts via the CSV file in WebinarGeek. Pay attention! Do not forget to tick the confirmation email when importing. Viewers will receive a confirmation email and have access to the replaced replay.

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