A great way to increase the engagement of your audience is through the use of polls and statements. Propose a statement and allow people to vote on it.

After the attendees have voted, they’ll directly be able to see the poll outcome. It provides you with a good overview of the audience’s opinion.

The results will offer some valuable market information, which you can use to take focused action on.

Creating a poll

Go to the webinar editor and choose "Interactions" > "+ Add interaction" > "Poll".

Single or multiple choice question

Select your preferred 'Poll type'. This can be either a single or multiple choice poll.

For a single choice poll, the viewer can choose one answer. A multiple choice poll allows viewers to select and send over multiple answers.

Title for internal use

The added title will only be intended for internal use, so make sure to give it a practical name, so you can easily remember to start a certain interaction during the live webinar.

Add a question or statement

Click on the text to edit and type out the question or statement.

Add answer options

Click on "Add answer" to add more answer options. Click on the text to edit the individual options.

In order to remove an individual answer option, click on the gear icon and choose "Remove".

After doing this, click on "Create" to create a new poll.

Polls - on demand and automated webinar

For an on demand and an automated webinar you need to set the start time, vote time and result settings for your poll..

Click on "Start time" and fill in the time the poll should be started, fill in the vote time and how long results should be displayed.

The poll will not be automatically started on the set time.

Choose "+ add time" to plan another starting moment and continue by filling in the start time, vote time and result settings.

After doing this, click "Create" to generate the poll.

Edit or remove poll

In the overview for "Interactions", choose "Edit" to edit your poll. Everything you change will be autosaved.


In the overview for "Interactions", click on the arrow icon next to the poll and choose "Remove" to delete an interaction.

Start poll

The created interactions can be manually started in the live environment. Click here for more information on how to do this.

Poll results

During the live webinar you’ll be able to see poll results in percentages and actual numbers to the right in your control panel.

Viewers will be able to view results after answering the poll and will only be able to view the percentages.

You’ll also be able to find poll results after the webinar in the 'Statistics' section of your dashboard.Click here for more information.

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