The webinar room is the broadcast page for your live and test webinar.

The only difference between the test webinar and the live webinar room is the ability to add test viewers in a test webinar. And the test webinars aren’t recorded. All other options are the same.

Open webinar room

Exactly 3 hours before the webinar is scheduled you can access the webinar room.

For testing you can access the webinar room at any given moment.

Click on your webinar and choose "Open live webinar" in the webinar dashboard to enter the webinar room.

When you’re webinar is planned further into the future (more than 3 hours), you’ll see the button displayed as "Open the webinar here soon".

After clicking on "Open live webinar", you’ll enter the webinar room.

Allow WebinarGeek to use your camera and microphone (in case you haven’t done so already) by choosing "Allow".

Webinar room

When opening the webinar room, you’ll immediately see the camera and your previously uploaded presentation.

Under the video, click on the corresponding icon when you just want to start the presentation with a camera or the presentation.

  • The first icon is the camera, which will only display the camera
  • The second icon is a screen share, click here for more information about screen sharing
  • The third icon is the presentation. Which will only display your slides
  • The fourth icon is the side-by-side feature. Which will show both your camera and presentation

During the entire webinar you have the choice to change these settings in real-time.

More to the right you'll find The final icon. That's the microphone. You’ll see a little indicator that will confirm that your microphone sound is working. Click the microphone icon to mute it.

Changing settings

To go to settings, choose the last icon under the video. Please note, it’s only visible before starting your webinar. You cannot use this feature during the live webinar.

Use your “Settings” to choose the right microphone and camera (if needed), check if you’re being displayed correctly and if the sound levels are good.

You may also choose to change the video quality here, even though we don’t suggest people should set these higher than the custom (auto-generated) advice provided by us.

Control panel

To your right in the webinar room, you’ll find the control panel.

  • The first icon is used to control interactions, in case you created some. Click here for more information meer informatie.
  • The second icon provides access to the participant list. Click here for more information.
  • The third icon is for the private chat. Click here for more information.
  • The fourth icon is for the public chat. Click here for more information.
  • The fifth icon is for the presentation and video injection. Click here for more information.

Start live webinar

As soon as you’re ready, you can click on "Start live webinar", this is the moment the recording will start.

As soon as you’re live, the webinar will start for you and your viewers. There’s a timer to your top right that will indicate the duration of the webinar. Next to the text "Live", you’ll see the current number of viewers.

It’s possible for the connection to stutter during the live webinar. You and your viewers will get notified when this happens. You have the ability to refresh the page and resume the webinar, or you can restart it. Click here for more information about resuming and restarting your webinar.

Stop live webinar

As soon as you’re finished with the webinar, you can end it by clicking on “Stop webinar” near the top of your screen.

You will be asked if you’re sure you want to end the webinar, choose “OK”. After clicking this button, you won’t be visible or audible for the viewers. The recording has finished as well.

The viewers will now get to see the sales page and/or the evaluation form that you’ve set up beforehand.

As long as you stay in the webinar room, you can see the number of viewers that are still there. We suggest to close the page as soon as no viewers are present anymore that might ask questions about e.g. your sales page

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