Click in de webinar wizard on > "Registration" > "Integrations".

A connection with your favorite email marketing software will enable you to directly add a webinar subscriber to a list.

Add a trigger to ensure this link will work properly. A trigger will start an automated process after a so-called event occurred. For example, a new registration for your webinar.

Triggers can be set on account level or for each individual webinar. This way, you’ll always control the setup of your link triggers. Read more about setting triggers on account level here.

Adding a trigger for each webinar

After establishing a link with your favorite marketing tool, you can start setting triggers. When creating a new webinar, it’s possible to set a trigger for an individual webinar. This will only ever work for one webinar, which would be the one you selected.

Click on your webinar > “Edit webinar” > “Registration” > “Integrations”.

Select your platform and choose “New webinar trigger”.

Choose the right trigger and select the action that should be executed next.

Next, choose “Add trigger”. This will activate the trigger for this particular webinar

Removing a trigger for each webinar

Click on your webinar > "Edit webinar" > "Registration" > "Integrations".

To remove the trigger, click on the integration you set the trigger at.

Next, choose “Options” > “Remove”. The trigger has now been removed from this specific webinar.

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