Click on your webinar> "Edit webinar"> "Emails"> Click on the title of the confirmation email.

As soon as someone registers for your webinar, they automatically receive the confirmation email with the unique viewing link.

Disable the confirmation email by clicking on the “Disable” button.

A popup will appear to confirm this. Click here on “ok”.

If this is successful it says in the button “Enable”. You can, therefore, switch it on again via this button. If you switch it on again, all people who register from that moment on will receive a confirmation email again.

After registration, the automatic confirmation email with the unique viewing link will not be sent.

The entrant can copy this unique viewing link on the confirmation page after registration or the organizer must share the viewer's unique viewing link. For example, by including it in an e-mail that you send via your own e-mail program, you can also send a reminder e-mail that you schedule in WebinarGeek.

Read below how you can share the unique viewing link of a registration.

Share your unique watch link

The unique viewing link can be found after registering at the 'Statistics' of your webinar.

Click on your webinar 'Statistics'> 'Registrations'> 'All registrations'.

Here you can find the unique view link per registration by clicking on 'More details', at 'View URL' you will find the unique view link of the subscriber. If you want the unique viewing link of all registrations in an overview, then export all registrations to .CSV.

In the .CSV file you will find the unique viewing link of the registrations under 'Watch link'.

Pay attention! Each subscriber has a unique viewing link, there is no public viewing link for the live webinar.

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