With an on demand webinar, you allow your viewers to watch the webinar at a time that best suits their schedule.

The viewer registers using their name and email, so you’ll know exactly who watched the on demand webinar at which moment. You can also configure interactions, so you’ll be able to get even more results from your on demand webinar.

There are two options to create an on demand webinar, below we’ll explain the choices extensively.

Release live webinar to on demand webinar

When you want to use a live webinar recording, you can easily create an on demand version of it.

Click on your live webinar, for your broadcast, choose "Options" > "Recording as on demand webinar" > "Create webinar", and make sure to click on “Convert webinar”.

A new webinar will be created, the video, registration page, interactions, presentation and video injections will be copied. Set the availability for the time period you’d like to allow people to view the on demand webinar.

The interactions and the slides you’ve used during your live webinar will be started at the same moment during the on demand webinar. You have the ability to change timestamps of interactions, and you can still schedule new interactions as well.

As soon as you click on "Record as on demand webinar", you’ll be able to see an overview of the data that will be used.

Here you’ll have the option to use the registration link of your live webinar (the same link). When you no longer use the registration page of your live webinar, you can convert this registration link to your on demand webinar. There’s no need to share a new link in this case.

Please note: your live webinar is no longer the destination for this registration link, because we’ll add ‘-old’ to the registration link URL string.

Create new on demand webinar and select/add a recording

In the main menu, click on "+ New webinar" to create a new webinar. Select on demand webinar, give your webinar a title and create a broadcast schedule. Next, create the actual webinar.

After having created the webinar (by clicking on "Create webinar") you’ll continue to the next step of the webinar wizard.

Use external video

At the top of the webinar wizard, click on "Webinar", at "Webinar video" you have the option to add the webinar recording, this can be a YouTube-URL or any other URL, as long as the file is .MP4 format (preferable using x264 video and AAC audio).

Paste your URL at "Webinar video" and don’t forget to click "Save".

Click here for more information about using external videos.

Please note: Always test the recording by clicking on "Test the webinar" after recording in the webinar dashboard.

Use live webinar recording

You can also choose to use a live webinar recording.

At the top of the webinar wizard click on "Webinar". Select a live webinar at "Use live recording" and remember to save.

Interactions and the presentation you used during the live webinar will be taken over, just like during the creation of an automated webinar.

Please note: Always test the recording by clicking on "Test the webinar" after recording in the webinar dashboard.

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