The option paid webinars has been made available for on demand webinars that were created after November 3, 2018. Make sure to not copy a webinar created before that date.

After you have connected your Mollie account to your WebinarGeek account, you can set an amount per webinar. That amount can be between € 1 and € 1,000 and must be paid to view the webinar.

Go the the editor of your on demand webinar and click on "Registration" > "Payment".

Set a price level for your on demand webinar.

Maximum viewing time

Prevent multiple people from viewing the on demand webinar with a single payment. Set a maximum viewing time for your on demand webinar.

We recommend a viewing time of the total recording length + 25%. This allows someone to scroll back in the recording, but won't allow them watch your webinar more than once.

Click on your on demand webinar and click on “Edit webinar”. Go to “Webinar” > “Webinar page”.

Click under "Webinar settings" on the switch under "Viewers are limited in viewing time" and enter the maximum number of minutes.

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