Using the registration page or embed form, people can subscribe to your webinar. Here you’ll be able to find all registration options.

Confirmation page

As soon as someone subscribes to your webinar using the registration page, they will be redirected to the confirmation page, unless you set your own custom confirmation page.

On the confirmation page, personalized information about the subscriber is displayed. This information will also be delivered through email, unless the confirmation email has been turned off manually.

On the confirmation page, information will be available about the date and time for the webinar, with an option to add it to a planner. The confirmation email can also be resend, and registered people can copy their watch link.

When someone chooses to subscribe to multiple broadcasts at the same time, similar information will be displayed for all selected broadcasts.

At the bottom of the page, a link with technical viewer information is available for the participant, where we provide tips about a successful viewing experience.

When someone registers right before the live webinar starts, a link will be displayed on the confirmation page that will bring the person directly to the webinar.

Confirmation email

After subscribing, a confirmation email will immediately be sent, unless you decided to turn this feature off beforehand.

The confirmation email can be edited according to your personalized wishes. In the confirmation email will be a view button, which will automatically redirect the person to their unique watch link. Subscribers will also have the option to unsubscribe from the webinar.

You have the option to turn off the confirmation email, which should be done in the advanced options when editing the webinar. Please note: make sure the subscriber does receive their unique watch link.

Register again

When a subscriber tries to register for a second time, a confirmation will be sent with the option to resend the confirmation email will all relevant personal details.


When someone would like to unsubscribe from your webinar, this is possible with the link under the button in the confirmation email. This link will be turned on by default, you have the option to hide it in your confirmation email.

After the individual confirmed their deregistration, they will no longer receive any emails about the webinar.

The layout of the deregistration page is similar to the registration page.

The individual can still be found in your “Statistics”. Under their name, their details will simply say “Unsubscribed”.

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