Please note! This option is not available in the free trial.

Did you run the registration process through your own website or landing page, or did you use another webinar tool? Then you can easily import your contacts via a .csv file, so they don’t have to register for your webinar again.

Create a CSV file

You need a CSV file to import your contacts. A CSV file is a special format in Excel, Numbers or Google Spreadsheet. It makes it easy to manage and import data.

  • First, you open an empty Excel file. Create three columns, one for ‘email’, for ‘first name’ and ‘last name’.

  • If you did not make it a mandatory to fill in the ‘last name’ field, you can choose if you want to add the ‘last name’ column in the CSV file, or not.

  • Add a fourth field for ‘company’ to import a company name

  • Importing more fields is not possible.

  • After creating the first columns, add the data of your contacts and save the file as a .csv document (separated by list separator)

Download a sample CSV file here. To start the download right-click on your mouse > Open link in new tab.

Besides the first name, last name and email, you can also import the company name. To do that you need to add an extra column in your spreadsheet. Title the fourth column (D) as ‘company’.

The CSV-file will then look like this:

Please note! If you only want to register the first name and the company, you'll still need to add the third column 'lastname', you can leave column empty.

You can click here to download an example of a CSV-file with the company name added. Please click the right mouse button > open new tab to start the download.

Please note! The fair use policy has a maximum number of contacts you can import for a webinar. If you have a Starter-account, you can import up to 250 contacts. A Premium-account allows you to import 1.000 contacts and with an Advanced-account you can import up to 10.000 contacts.

Upload the CSV file

Please note! It is important that the webinar has been published before you can upload contacts.

Go to the webinar dashboard and click ‘Add contacts’. A window will open where you can now click on ‘CSV import’.

A screen will open where you can upload the CSV file.

  • Select CSV file

Click on ‘Select file’ and select the CSV file you saved on your computer. The file is now added and is ready to be imported.

Please note! Make sure the file meets the requirements as described in ‘Create CSV file’.

  • Select a broadcast

If your webinar has multiple broadcasts, please select the right broadcast in the dropdown menu. Your contacts will be enrolled for this specific broadcast.

  • Send a confirmation email

Send a confirmation email to the imported contacts.

You can find the confirmation email on the webinar page under ‘Emails’. The confirmation email contains the unique viewing link to access the live webinar.

If you do not want to send the email, you can simply uncheck the option ‘Send confirmation email’.

Did you not send the confirmation e-mail during the import, but do you want your contacts to receive the email? Then you have two options:

  1. Delete the broadcast and re-add it. You can now re-import the contacts and send the confirmation email.

  2. Set up a reminder email and send it. The reminder email also contains the unique viewing link.

  • Send a confirmation without using WebinarGeek

If you don’t want to send a confirmation email using WebinarGeek, you need to make sure your registered contacts receive the viewing link in a different way. You might want to use your own email marketing software.

Now first go to the webinar statistics. Click on ‘Registration page’ > ‘Registrations’. You will find the unique URLs in the export file that you can download here.

  • Import

Once you have uploaded the CSV file, selected the right broadcast and chose if you want the confirmation email sent, you can complete the import by simply clicking ‘Import’.

Once the import is completed, you will receive an overview of the imported data.

Import history

After importing your contacts, you can view the import history.

Click on your webinar dashboard > Add contacts > CSV import.

You can import new contacts on this page and find the import history on the right side of the screen.

‘Total’ shows you how many contacts were found in the CSV file. ‘Registered’ shows how many contacts are registered to your webinar.

You can also check if you have sent the confirmation e-mail on this page.

Please note! A contact can only be registered once per broadcast.

Importing names with special characters (UTF-8)

Not all versions of Excel support the ability to save CSV files in UTF-8. If you have names in your contact list with special characters (like ë), you need this option.

The document is now saved as a CSV with UTF-8 format.

Please note! Do not open the file using Excel anymore. This will overwrite the format and you will have to rerun the process.

Troubleshooting while importing contacts

If an error appears during import, check the following steps.

  1. Are there any special characters in the file? Sometimes you won’t be able to see them. Follow these instructions.

  2. Check the order of the rows and columns in the CSV file:

  • In row 1, column A – there should be email.

  • In row 2, column B – there should be first name.

  • In row 3, column C – there should be last name.

  • In row 4, column D - there should be company

If imported contacts did not receive an email, this can be due to these two points:

  • The confirmation email option is disabled. You can check this when editing your webinar under ‘Emails’.

  • The contacts were already registered or have been imported before, or you unchecked the confirmation email option when importing.

You can fix this problem following the next steps:

  • Delete the broadcast and add it again. You can now re-import the contacts and send the confirmation email.

  • Set up a reminder email and send this. The unique viewing link is included in this email.

Frequently asked questions

Can I import contacts for a paid webinar?

You certainly can! When importing, an option will appear to indicate if the viewers may watch the webinar without payment.

What is the maximum number of contacts I can import?

You can import 10 times the contacts as the number of viewers you have in your subscription.

Can I delete imported contacts?

You can manage and delete registrations in the webinar statistics.

Click on Registrations > All subscribers > Subscriber options > Trash can icon.

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