Create a connection with Enormail, the connection with this integration can help you automatically add registrations, viewers, or non-viewers to a mailing list and follow up on them.

Connect WebinarGeek with Enormail

In the top right, click on “Account” > “Integrations” and choose “Enormail”

To establish a connection with Enormail you need to fill in the “API key”. Once you’ve done this, click on “Connect”.

The “API key” can be created and found in your Enormail account click here for more details.

After creating the connection, you have the option to add your triggers.


After creating the connection with Enormail, you can add your triggers.

You can create a new trigger on account level or for each indicudual webinar.

There are three different triggers:

  • New registration
  • New viewer
  • Non-viewer

After selecting a trigger, you can set an action. Enormail has the following options:

  • Add to a mailing list:
    Participant is added to the mailing list, unless the email opt-in permission field is not checked. Here you can also indicate if the contact should be added to the autoresponder.

After setting up one of these actions, you can select a mailing list.

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