To actually send out an email, you have to schedule it.

Click on your webinar > ‘Edit webinar’ > ‘Emails’. Next, click on the email you’d like to schedule.

Set the moment you want to send out the email at ‘Schedule email’ and choose ‘Plan new email’.

Please note! Every email type will only be sent once per broadcast. Create another email when you’d like to send another one.

After scheduling you’ll have an overview of the moments emails are planned in, and for which broadcast the emails have already been sent.

Choose ‘Cancel scheduled emails’ to cancel any email that hasn’t been sent yet. You also have the option to change the email planning.

For a scheduled email, you’ll be able to see the planned moment they will be sent to people in the overview.

Number of sent emails

After scheduling emails and the sending process has been completed, you will be able to see how many were successfully sent.

Click on your webinar > ‘Edit webinar’ > ‘Emails’. Next, choose the email that was sent.

To your left, you can see the amount of people received the scheduled email and for which broadcast(s) this message was intended

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